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Manufacturing is the set of operations that are made to modify the characteristics of raw materials. Such characteristics may be of a very varied nature such as shape, density, strength, size or aesthetics.

In order to obtain a particular product, a multitude of operations or processes will be necessary, so that it can be called a process both to the set of operations from the extraction of the natural resources necessary to the sale of the product and to those carried out in a job with a given machine tool.

 In the case of Vitrispan, the manufacture focuses on the transformation of steel sheets into vitreous enamel steel panels for use in architecture. These processes include the mechanization of the sheets, their folding and welding, their subsequent preparation for a correct enameling, the vitrification itself, and to finish whenever necessary, the application of a core that will give us the necessary flatness and robustness to achieve the perfect appearance and resistance.

In manufacturing processes, the qualities of the materials used, the technology available, and the training and experience of the people who make them are so important. In the case of Vitrispan, we always use specific materials for our processes, we have the latest technologies and we have a know-how having more than 45 years in the vitreous enamel steel market. The combination of these three concepts allows us to manufacture panels of high quality and fully adapted to the needs of customers.

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Engineering is the set of scientific, empirical and practical knowledge and techniques applied to the invention, design, development, construction, maintenance and improvement of technologies, structures, machines, tools, systems, materials and processes for resolution Of practical problems.

The engineer uses mathematics, physics, chemistry and other sciences both for the development of technologies and for the efficient management of resources and forces of nature for the benefit of society. Engineering is an activity that transforms knowledge into something practical.

Engineering applies scientific knowledge and methods to the invention or improvement of technologies in a pragmatic and agile manner, adapting to the limitations of time and resources and to legal, safety, ecological, etc. requirements.

In the case of Vitrispan, engineering is applied in the search for the best and most optimal solutions for each of our customers' requirements. This allows us to carry out projects that without a research and development would be impossible, thus achieving unique and unique coatings always in accordance with the idea that the designer has embodied in the project.

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We call assembly to the process of installing or assembling any material, either to be joined all its components or to be positioned in their final location.

In the case of Vitrispan the assembly is directly linked to the previous point, engineering, since to look for the most optimal solutions for each project is part of this branch, and it is during the assembly when these developments are applied.

In the world of architecture, it is as or more important, to realize an assembly of the suitable form, like that the materials are optimum for its use. This depends on the correct appearance and good finish, which is what, is sought by this type of coatings.

Vitrispan offers all its experience acquired over the last years in innumerable projects around the world, so that the projects in which we participate perfectly reflect what the client looks for both aesthetics and durability.